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Welcome to D&D /D&B Loan company. A trusted private loan lender and this firm can help you with any loan for 3% or2% interest rate per month / 24% interest rate per year..
Loans are given out within 12 hours after processing your documents.
Once your data are processed on our database, you get the loan on express.


Best Loan firm also in association with
Bernice Debaets,Gracious Debaets,


Throughout the years it has the best lending service.



Bernice Debaets ,Gift Richie,James Scott
Assistant Managers/Cooperators



Action: Loan take 5 hours on banking and western union/ money-gram to receive their loan. Delivery takes 2 working days to process.

 We Provide loan Readily between 12 to 24 hours. Loan are transfer through Bank Transfer, Western Union/ Moneygram/ Delivery Transfer. You are save with us because all information are kept and safe on our data base.

I want to thank you so much Mrs Bernice Debaets For saving my life. I have been down looking for help from bank and online in the period I lost a lot and get so much down. But Mrs Bernice Really save my life by helping me with the loan I was demanding for and I just have to get the permit she required now I can receive loan from any of there loan board so if you are interested in a loan I will not lie or deceive you okay.

Peter Channing

I'm really proud to say this Mrs Mrs Gift Richie you save my life I have not receive any loan since I have been searching I have lost alot also, But She have

helped me with the loan I requested for and I have promised you that I will give a great thanks to you for the support of the loan you gave me. Thanks Mrs Gift Richie.

Jack Smith

I was down and financially broken. I try contacting some lenders yet I loss more till I came across debaetsboardloanfirm. Mr Debaets Balsiger and his board help change my life and make me happy again I will never stop thanking them.

Jane Doe


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